May 12, 2023

5 best-smelling ingredients for sophisticated Hair Care

Consumers seek Hair Care fragrances that smell exclusive and sophisticated

Green tea steeped with jasmine petals. Dew-drenched waterlilies. Peaches and cream. Hair Care scents are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, exploring ingredients and olfactory directions that once had been the domain of Fine Fragrance. These changes come as consumers seek more diverse options and as new technologies enable Hair Care ingredients to linger longer, provide freshness all day long and even offer skincare benefits.  Below is our selection of the 5 best-smelling ingredients for sophisticated Hair Care.

1. Green tea

Green tea is a potent anti-oxidant used in skincare and increasingly in Hair Care. It isinterpreted olfactively as a bright and yet delicate green note with hints of violet and soft woods. The association of this note with tea ceremonies and meditation lends green tea fragrances a relaxing effect.

Brand Inspiration: OGX Green Tea Fitness Hair & Body Spritz

Keeps the hair feeling, looking, and smelling fresh with an uplifting green tea fragrance.

2. Almond

A popular ingredient in traditional skincare for its hydrating and soothing properties,almond has a deliciously creamy, bittersweet scent. Almond also has a floral nuance that lends it to a variety of compositions. It blends well with flowers, vanilla, coconut, and woods.

Brand Inspiration: The Hair Temple The Ritual of Ayurveda

Customers can choose 2 concentrated elixirs for their specific needs and add them to theirconditioner for a luxurious and personalised experience. The Ritual of Ayurveda is scented with almond and rose.

3. Jasmine

In India, jasmine garlands are used as a hair embellishment, while jasmine-scented hairoil is a popular hair care and styling product. Among the new Hair Care fragrances, jasmine suggests sophistication and elegance. It pairs well with tart fruit like kiwi, grapefruit and green apple as well as with cashmere woods and musks.

Brand Inspiration: Aveda Sap Moss™ Weightless Hydration shampoo & conditioner

Formulated with a blend including Iceland moss and larch tree sap extract to help hydratehair without weighing it down. Infuses hair with an iconic earthy aroma with jasmine and certified organic olibanum and cypress.

4. Peach

The luscious scent of peach can be interpreted as sheer and floral or as sweet and creamy. It blends well with other fruity, floral and gourmand notes. It is a versatile fragrance for a wide range of Hair Care products.

Brand Inspiration:  KEEP.Y Perfume Shampoo Drink for Hair Peach Blossom

Perfume-level shampoo that lasts for 24 hours. Drink for Hair features the Original-P highly active extraction method to extract the essence of flowers and fruit.

5. Waterlily and Lotus

A symbol of purity and regeneration in many cultures, lotus has an elegant fruity fragrance.Waterlily smells softer, greener, with an aquatic nuance. In combination with fruity and green floral notes, it lends itself well to Hair Care, conveying a dew-drenched, radiant impression.

Brand Inspiration: The Hair Temple The Ritual of Dao

The Ritual of Dao is scented with lotus. High performance elixirs are mixed with one ofthe base shampoos and conditioners to create one’s personal haircare.

Explore our Peach-inspired Brief or create your own around your olfactive direction of choice.

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