December 19, 2022

Christmas trends 2023-24! Scented products will rise as vehicles of well-being

Value for money will be central: shoppers will focus on items with claimed benefits

McKinsey’s latest European Consumer Pulse Survey has revealed how European consumers are not feeling optimistic about their economic prospects.

Concerned about inflation and the rising prices of essential items, four out of five consumers are changing their shopping behavior, cutting back unnecessary spending, and becoming more discerning about what they purchase. In the quest for better value, consumers are actively seeking out more affordable brands and retailers, intensifying a downtrading behavior.

Shoppers are willing to spend more on meaningful presents

According to eBay Ads UK’s latest Christmas Spend Trends research report, reluctance to spend will also impact the Holiday season. 

Consumers are planning to cut back on their Christmas budget:

  • 56% will purchase thoughtful gifts like artisan and handmade items
  • 30% will offer functional presents, such as food, drink, and household items
  • 23% will give essential products like clothing, or energy-efficient electronics

In any case, value for money will be central: shoppers will focus on items with claimed benefits in terms of quality, durability, sustainability, and ethics. 

The good news for companies in search of new market opportunities is that scented products have the great advantage of being perceived as vehicles of well-being, already bearing an added-benefit aura. 

Gifts that make people happy: Emotions by Emotiwaves

This makes candles, fine fragrances, and other scented personal care items great potential Christmas gifts, offering the most desirable benefit of all: the ability to spark good feelings in the person receiving it.

Thanks to Emotions by Emotiwaves™, your scented products will really trigger mood-enhancing emotions. And you will be able to claim this benefit thanks to certified scientific research.

"Feel-good" fragrances to surge by 2024

Most consumers across Europe will prefer simple but meaningful and sentimental gifts for their loved ones. Candles, reed diffusers, personal care products, and fine fragrances have great potential in becoming chosen items because of their capability of delighting while being also functional to those receiving the gift.

From an olfactive point of view, this consumer’s behavior translates into fragrances that combine classic elements, with new intriguing ingredients. These sophisticated concepts exude important values that are highly demanded by shoppers, i.e., fragrances and products should be sustainable, and safe for consumers, and for the environment too.

Here are the three main trends:

1 - Cashmere cocoon - "White and sweet like a Raffaello”. This fragrance trend is soft and rich like a Cashmere blanket. Fragrances are cozy, coco-nutty, and soft like whip cream clouds. Your consumers will sink into the sweetness of this paradisiac feeling.

2 - Woodream chalet – "Escape to an idyllical chalet in the middle of the woods." These fragrances will take your consumers to a room filled with the scent of wood and freshly toasted coffee. The smell of burnt ash contrasts with the freshness of pine needles, cardamom, and blueberries.

3 - Classy classics – "Classics are timeless, especially when we are talking about winter holiday fragrances." Warm spicy sugary Rhum punch, dark chocolate, and red fruity notes. Classic gourmand notes blend with orange peel soaked in a vanilla-infused bourbon. This trend inspires fragrances for consumers who enjoy the elegance and sweet pampering of festivities.

Elevate the value of your scented winter season products by claiming HAPPINESS emotions with our patented "Emotions by Emotiwaves™" fragrance technology.

Contact us to create your personalized mood-enhancing Christmas 2024 and beyond products and win the market by tapping into well-being opportunities.

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