March 24, 2023

Claiming upcycled ingredients on your products can strongly boost the appeal of consumers who value sustainable beauty brands

Build your fragrance & upcycled ingredients claims strategy in line with brand purpose

As autumn arrives, the triumph of summer blooming slowly comes to an end. Dry leaves, wilted flowers, and rotten fruits return to the earth, feeding the soil that will support new growth in the next spring season. Nature's power to regenerate itself teaches us that nothing ever goes to waste. Everything is constantly upcycled and repurposed into something new.

Our Upcycled ingredients do the same: the by-products, waste materials, or unwanted products of other industries are transformed into new products of higher value. Unsold jasmine flowers, or damaged cardamom pods as examples, are collected to produce high-quality extracts

Build your fragrance & claim upcycled ingredients strategy in line with brand purpose :​​

  • Towards zero waste​
  • Preserving Nature’s boundaries​
  • Reducing Carbon Impact​

​Let us guide you in defining the upcycled ingredients to your support claims & boost your brand's sustainable approach.

Curiosity: what does our iconic Dreamwood™smell like?

Inspired by the iconic Mysore sandalwood, Dreamwoodoffers the signature mystical, creamy olfactive warmth with demonstrated cosmetic benefits, and delivers a positive impact on the planet: 100% natural, 100% renewable carbon, and ultimately biodegradable. 

Discover our latest fragrance creation crafted with high-quality upcycled ingredients:

  • WOODELIGHT -- Wonderful woody facets in this shower gel: slow down and enjoy the smell of wellness.

An amazingly deep and plush woody blend of Virginia cedarwood, sandalwood, and dark patchouli is furtherly enriched with precious resins like frankincense and benzoin. The long trail of vanilla pods, rum, and mineral amber adds smoothness and a mesmerizing effect.

Olfactive notes: Frankincense, cedrat, mineral amber, Virginia cedarwood, vanilla pods, rum, sandalwood, dark patchouli, benzoin resin. 

This fragrance features DREAMWOOD and Upcycled ingredients.

  • VELVET MAGENTA -- Treat your skin with this body lotion scent. A subtle velvety sensation exudes sensuality from every note.

An unconventional vital and sensual fragrance. The fresh opening of pink pepper and invigorating grapefruit lights up a heart of rose petals and rhubarb, creating a contrasting sensation, like caressing a velvet drape in the rarest magenta hue. Notes of vetiver and cedarwood support the composition with their inner strength.

Olfactive notes: Pink grapefruit, pink pepper, blackcurrant, rose, red berry juicy rhubarb, exhilarating vetiver, white amber, Virginia cedarwood.

This fragrance features Essential Oils and Upcycled ingredients. 

  • VETYVER ECLAT DE NOISETTE -- A sophisticated, modern Eau de Parfum swinging gracefully between vetiver and roasted hazelnuts.

A catchy combination of vetiver and toasted hazelnuts conveys a completely novel gourmand sensation. The warm, dry, creamy side of this blend is enriched with cinnamon bark, sandalwood chips, and precious tonka bean absolute. With grapefruit zest and freshly cut ginger contributing their subtle, luminous freshness, the overall feeling reaches a rare, simply irresistible balance.

Olfactive notes: grapefruit zest, freshly cut ginger, cinnamon bark, roasted hazelnut, heliotrope, lapsang souchong, exhilarating vetiver, sandalwood chips, tonka bean absolute.

This fragrance contains DREAMWOOD and Upcycled ingredients.

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