March 24, 2023

Read about our finest ingredients with geographical certified origin and how fragrances can elicit energizing emotions

It's estimated that 80% of consumers' daily decisions are based on emotions

Do you know why everyone loves spring? It's because of the strength of its emotions. As nature blooms with its vibrant colors and scents, our inner selves fill with positive feelings of joy and vitality. During this season our senses are awakened and we desire to feel energized and revitalized.

Emotions are a powerful force in people's lives; it's estimated that 80% of consumers' daily decisions are based on emotions.

EMOTIONS is the name of our innovative fragrance technology that enables our Perfumers to craft fragrances that elicit positive feelings. 

A fragrance technology coming from extensive global research

Our fragrance technology is designed to elicit the desired feeling and it's supported by neurological activity. EMOTIONS is based on natural ingredients that have been neuroscientifically proven based on fMRI testing, to elicit defined feelings.

Discover our latest Spring-inspired fragrances, crafted with Geographical Certified Origin, Natural Origin Ingredients & EMOTIONS technology. 

  • SAKURA & MATCHA -- A trendy, upscale, shower gel scent evoking a beautiful cascade of cherry petals and hints of matcha notes.

Fresh and enlivening, like a tea ceremony enjoyed under blooming cherry trees. The fresh floral hue is enhanced by delicate freesia and grapefruit zest, while the invigorating green matcha notes are blended with sparkling basil, green rhubarb, and vetiver oil to boost vitality and exhilaration.

Olfactive notes: Grapefruit zest, freesia, lush leaves, green rhubarb, matcha tea, cherry trees in bloom, vetiver oil, cedarwood chips, silky musks.

Contains 100% natural ingredients - crafted with “EMOTIONS” technology to elicit feelings of Energy

  • LIFT -- A luscious, enveloping body lotion scent that will take you to an Eden of lush fruits and uplifting marine-ambery notes.

A caressing blend of smiling peonies and violets is at the heart of this uplifting, sophisticated scent. Dewy and fresh with grapefruit and lemon, and sprinkled with shining sea water, it is enriched with modern, ultra-chic notes of crystal amber and cashmere woods.

Olfactive notes: Grapefruit zest, lemon peel, marine, watery, shining violet, peony heart, cashmere woods, fluffy musks, crystal amber.

Contains geographical certified origin ingredients - crafted with “EMOTIONS” technology to elicit feelings of Energy

  • BLOOMING ORANGE -- This blooming Eau de Parfum is a refined homage to the brightest and sunniest citrus fruits ever. 

In the opening, an uplifting splash of sunny citrus fruits meets the refreshing green hue of elemi oil and crushed mint leaves. The heart showcases a delicate bouquet of sophisticated flowers like heliotrope, neroli, and powdery orris. The long trail of white musk and sandalwood radiates a bright, stylish aura.

Olfactive notes: elemi oil, crushed mint leaves, heliotrope, blood orange, orange blossom, orris rhizome, musks, atlas cedarwood, white sandalwood.

Contains Natural Origin Ingredients - crafted with “EMOTIONS” technology to elicit Energy

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