December 20, 2022

Essential Oils: claim them on your products to delight more consumers

Functional benefits associated with essential oils are a great advantage for your products

Essential oil: what is it?

The ISO 9235 essential oil definition is the most accurate and updated one to define this product.

Essential oils are products from plant extracts with powerfully beneficial properties.

The essential oils' ability to heal, regenerate, beautify, and relax both the body and the mind has been known and used for centuries, but today, driven by growing “spa” and “clean beauty” trends, it has become a key element in the personal care and cosmetic industry.

Why claim essential oils on your products?

The number of cosmetic and personal care brands that decide to claim the presence of aromatherapeutic formulas or essential oils in their lines is constantly growing, fuelled by some facts: 

1 – Consumers perceive functional benefits associated with essential oils, like stress relieving, more energy, and improved cognitive function as making the product more appealing, efficient, and meaningful. In this way, the presence of essential oils may add extra value to any personal care product.

2 - Consumers perceive products infused with essential oils, or containing minimally processed ingredients as more natural, and more beneficial to their health.

3 - Providing skincare properties, essential oils may be precious ingredients in many facial or skin care products, thus brands claim their presence as improving the quality of their lines. 

4 - Consumers are progressively turning to multitasking personal care items providing more than one function at a time: as an example, a body wash or shampoo acquires greater appeal when the brand claims evidence-based moisturizing, soothing, or brightening action.

5 - The brands' storytelling about essential oils is helping consumers to see fragrance not only as a form of aesthetic pleasure possibly associated with the product but as an integral part of it, with a meaning and a purpose of its own. A carefully designed fragrance will allow your products to delight consumers not only aesthetically, but also with the functional benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy.

How to claim essential oils on your products? 

100% pure essential oil blends will appeal to consumers seeking all-natural scents, but you can claim that your products “contain essential oils”.

Indeed, claims may be as generic as: “Contains essential oils” or more specific like: “Contains rosemary essential oil”. They can even state the percentage of essential oil, like “Contains 12% of rosemary essential oil”.

Here are a few examples of recent product launches, across different product categories, that showcase claims on "Essential Oils":

Claiming essential oils on your products can improve how consumers perceive them and can be therefore beneficial to your business!

Contact us to know how we can support you in defining the best essential oils for your products, as well as claiming them in the most appealing way to delight your consumers.

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