December 22, 2022

Fragrances creations inspired by the colour of the year 2023!

Our Perfumers created an Eau de Perfume and a candle scent playing with strong contrasts, unconventional notes and textured effects

PANTONE® 18-1750 Viva Magenta, is the name of the recently unveiled Pantone that inspired our creative team to create a genderless Eau de Perfume and a joyful candle fragrance --playing with strong contrasts, unconventional notes and textured effects.

What is the significance of this new colour and why was it chosen as the colour of the year?

"An unconventional colour for an unconventional time!" - this is the official definition by Pantone, which emphasises the rebellious nature of this colour. We live in complex times, full of challenges and consumers more than ever seek moments to "recharge", to feel energized and authentic to themselves. Self-expression and self-love as forms of acceptance are strong drivers, especially among Millenials and Gen Z who feel the necessity to abandon those stereotypes of beauty that no longer belongs to them.

Viva Magenta is a colour that embodies enjoyment as an act of resistance and freedom.

Which has been the fragrance Inspiration?

This year’s Pantone infuses the notion of irreverence and experimentalism which lead to a very exciting creative process seeing our Perfumers inspired to work with strong contrasts and texturizations of the compositions.

  • "Velvet Magenta" is the name of the fine fragrance creation -- a fragrance that exudes sensuality and vitality. Fresh notes of pink pepper light up a vital grapefruit, while a heart of rose and red berries creates a contrasting velvety sensation. A tribute to neo-sensuality as the freedom to be whoever we want to be.

What makes this fine fragrance even more intriguing, is that it has been created using our "Emotions powered by Emotiwaves™" patented technology, meaning that it can scientifically elicit feelings of vitality, energy, and excitement.

  • For the candle, the fragrance created is called "Magenta Dragon" and it creates a joyful yet comforting moment of serendipity. Passion fruit plays with the watery-exotic notes of dragon fruit followed by the energetic interchange between the spicy notes of pink pepper and the fruity ones of raspberries."

This fragrance is vegan-suitable, contains upcycled ingredients and its formulation is almost completely biodegradable.

Contact us to create your personalized fragrances inspired by "Viva Magenta!"

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