June 8, 2022

Harness the power of fragrances in Air Care products

Consumers indicate that fragrance is more important to them than ever before

Fragrance has a new role to play, and consumers are increasingly aware of its emotional benefits. According to a survey conducted by Firmenich, 58% of consumers say they appreciate scents more now than before the COVID-19 pandemic. On the one hand, it's because the effects of COVID on the sense of smell have been profound and the loss of sense of smell is often one of the first symptoms of the disease. It makes consumers appreciate the sense they sometimes neglected.

The reduction of our social circles to small bubbles, lack of travel and other entertainment meant that consumers have had fewer ways than before to add a sensory stimulation to their daily lives. And fragrances can fulfill this function easily. Your home feels more inviting if it smells of your favourite candle or room spray. You can imagine yourself traveling as you inhale the scents of Mediterranean herbs or Moroccan orange blossoms.

Some consumers even go as far as to purchase room scents and amenities marketed by hotel chains, because they remind them of travel and changing locales. The Kimpton Vividora hotels even sell their products in the reception area.

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Brand examples

Here are a few more hotel brands that let consumers recreate a luxurious experience in the privacy of their own home. All of these brands are sold online.

  • Ritz Carlton Mango Pillar Candle
  • Renaissance Shiso Tea Reed Diffuser
  • W Hotel Signature Room Spray
  • Signature Hotel Bel-Air Candle
  • Westin Room Spray
  • Marriott Attune Scent Diffuser and Free Cartridge

Our take on this trend

Know your audience and your market (and remember that Scentmate can always provide the necessary guidance for you as well.) Select scents for your brand that evoke a luxurious experience and convey the personality of your location. Experiment with scents that evoke nature.

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