July 7, 2022

Scentmate’s first anniversary: thank you for your trust in us

We are thrilled by the interest and feedback received from our customers and excited about what we can do to continue making their life easier

Watch our video to get to know some of our passionate experts and learn about how you continue to inspire us every day!

We think that you are like modern heroes.

It’s been a year since Scentmate was launched and we could not be happier to celebrate this milestone together.

Scentmate is a completely new business model that differs from the other fragrance houses because it has been created starting from the customer’s needs. More than 300 entrepreneurs and independent brands were interviewed by us, to really understand which are their difficulties when dealing with the fragrance world.

You face every day a multitude of challenges to be able to find the right fragrance, to bring your ideas and fantastic products to the market, and therefore we have decided to become your partners, making your life easier.

Marie Hugentobler, our Perfumer and Creative Director comments: “Creation at Scentmate happens from the standpoint of our customers. They are invited to express their project and needs in a comfortable way, their own way, with effortless access to our know-how and expertise. What comes next is on us: understanding their brand, market, and consumers to create fragrances that suit them and will make them win”.

We are committed to making our customers' creations stronger and easier every day and we will continue working to improve your experience with us by empowering you and guiding you.

Thank you for your trust in us and for allowing us to work together with you to create winning fragrances.

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