March 24, 2023

Elicit good feelings all year round thanks to fragrances that arouse happiness emotions.

Delight your consumers with summer vibes all year round thanks to EMOTIONS technology

Under the bright summer sun, nature is at its best, and we tend to feel happy, energetic, and cheerful. The sun's brightness and longer hours of light make our bodies and minds feel active and alert. Summer is also a time for holidays and adventures, a period to meet up with people, socialize, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Wouldn't it be nice to extend the mood-enhancing summer's effects all year round?

Our innovative fragrance technology “EMOTIONS” enables you to delight your consumers with fragrances eliciting feelings of happiness, bliss, and pleasure, at any time of the year. Its effectiveness is neuro-scientifically proven and you can feel confident claiming these positive benefits about your products.

The “Clean-label” trend: a great rising opportunity

Summer is the season when skin care is in the spotlight, and consumers focus on skin protection. They are more likely to search for high-quality formulations. You can take advantage of our "Clean-label" approach to create high-quality skin products that specifically target the most conscious consumers.

What is a "clean-label" scent? It is possible to restrict the maximum number of allergens listed in the end product to zero. This results in a "clean-label" with no fragrance allergens in the end product.

Discover our trendy fragrance creations crafted with high-quality ingredients and with EMOTIONS technology:

  • COCONUT AT BEACH -- This clean-label shower gel is the ideal gateway to the paradisiac tropical islands of never-ending summer.

Start daydreaming with this fragrance radiating all the summer's smiles and happy vibes. A garland of candid jasmine petals and sultry tiarè flowers welcomes a creamy blend of coconut and Tahitian vanilla, with fresh ocean notes offering a subtle counterpoint. Cocooning hues of sandalwood and musks envelop it all in a bright, golden glow.

Olfactive notes: Bergamot, Tahitian vanilla, tiarè flower, coconut water, jasmine petals, marine notes, creamy sandalwood, musks, cedarwood oil.

Clean-label scent crafted with “EMOTION” technology to elicit feelings of Happiness. 

  • SUGAR BLOSSOM -- Enhance your summer glow with this playful, bright, and sensual Eau de Parfum. 

This lively opening of pink praline, delicate jasmine petals, and hazelnut is as enchanting and romantic as a swirl of tropical breeze. The heart is gorgeously creamy and sensual, with vanilla and tonka bean absolute suggesting warm, sun-kissed skin. Sandalwood, warm amber, and fluffy musk infuse smoothness and a sophisticated halo.

Olfactive notes: Jasmine petals, cashmere woods, hazelnut, tonka bean absolute, pink praline, vanilla pods, creamy sandalwood, warm amber, fluffy musks.

Crafted with upcycled ingredients and “EMOTIONS” technology to elicit Happiness feelings.

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