July 13, 2022

The power of Positive: Body Care fragrances that Refresh

Body care fragrance trends for refreshing, reviving and restoring products

Fragrances stimulate our senses and emotions in complex ways, and well-crafted scented products can boost our confidence, make daily tasks more enjoyable and liven up familiar routines. Body Care products are among the small pleasures that give consumers a charge of positive energy, and the new fragrance trends this year showcase the refreshing and rejuvenating effect of perfume ingredients. These are the kind of fragrances that give a boost when you feel tired and depleted.

Ayurvedic herbs

Paralleling the trend for healing aromatic herbs in Air Care, Body Care products are using  ingredients associated with traditional medicinal practices. For instance, Ayurveda, an alternative medicine originating in the Indian subcontinent, has been an important source of inspiration.

Brand inspirations:

  1. Youth to the People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream Ashwagandha + Reishi.
  2. Goop G.Day Ginger + Ashwagandha Energy Body Wash has scents of Japanese shiso leaf, Indian black pepper oil and pink peppercorn berries.

Another fragrant Ayurvedic ingredient to explore in fragrances:

  • Frankincense

Super foods, super scents

From the refreshing power of cucumber to the energising benefits of goji berries, fruits and vegetables are reputed to keep skin healthy, soft and nourished. Their scents are likewise uplifting, which is why many new Body Care products use natural extracts as well as fragrances evoking super foods. Such ingredients can be as exotic as acai berry and baobab or as familiar as kiwi and strawberry. Leafy greens likewise feature strongly in new Body Care launches, from tomato leaves to spinach and even kale!

Brand inspirations:

Healthy fruit

  1. Duru Nature’s Treasures Sea Buckthorn Soap Bar uses a 100% natural plant base.
  2. Dusch Das Detox Shower Gel contains acai berry and yogurt.


  1. Cyleina Organic Tomato Soap is made from ripe red organically grown tomatoes.
  2. By Vibes Wonder Bath Super Vegitoks Cleanser contains spirulina, broccoli, avocado, lima, wheat sprout, platycodon and cabbage.
  3. Youth to the People Kale + Green Tea, Spinach, Vitamins Age Prevention Cleanser is made from cold-pressed antioxidants.
  4. Hands On Veggies Organic Shower Gels come in combinations of avocado and viola, artichoke and lavender, carrot and ylang ylang, and kale and jojoba.

Two more fragrance ingredients to explore in the Fruity and Green olfactive families:

  • Fruit: Strawberry
  • Green: Violet leaf

Earth and sea wonders

Earthy or marine ingredients like clay minerals and sea kelp are among the other refreshing superstars in the new Body Care lineup. Clay and seaweed are known to cleanse, purify and hydrate the skin naturally, and paired with a fragrance evoking marine freshness or earthy coolness, the effect is particularly invigorating and rejuvenating.

Brand inspirations:

Earthy / Clay & charcoal

  1. Nivea Clay Fresh Hibiscus & White Sage Deep Cleansing Shower Gel has a fresh, floral hibiscus and white sage fragrance.
  2. Schmidt’s Activated Charcoal Natural Soap has a fragrance reminiscent of rain.

Sea / Kelp, algae, salt

  1. REN Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash contains rosemary and geranium oils and clary sage and cypress extracts. It comes in a 100% recycled bottle that uses 20% reclaimed ocean plastic.
  2. Innocent Bolt From the Blue with blue spirulina, a "superfood" algae.

Another refreshing fragrance idea inspired by the sea and earth:

  • Aromatic Herb: Lavender

More emotions

We have compiled a series of articles on emotion-based fragrances and we invite you to register to peruse them based on the emotion you would like your products to evoke:

  • Happy
  • Revitalised
  • Comforted

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