September 26, 2023

Scentmate by dsm-firmenich unveils new visual identity

The digital-first fragrance house integrates in itsimagery the quality and tradition of more than 125 years of experience with adisruptive way of creating fragrances.

Scentmate by dsm-firmenich's key visual

Barcelona, 26 September 2023. Scentmate by dsm-firmenich, the digital-first fragrance house, is launching a new visual identity and corporate tagline as a further strategic step in the consolidation of its project. The new visual reflects the essence of Scentmate: the quality and tradition of dsm-firmenich fused with the disruption offered by digitalisation, so that its customers can transform their ideas into successful fragrances in an agile, intuitive and simple way.

The new visual identity takes the form of an audiovisual, graphic image and tagline that reflect Scentmate's commitment to its customers: entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses seeking access to cutting-edge fragrances, formulated with the highest quality ingredients, and supported by more than 150 years of consumer preference data. Moreover, this is reinforced by artificial intelligence technology, ensuring a perfect fit to the specific needs of customers, and therefore ensuring success with the end consumer.


Tradition and digitisation to craft winning fragrances

The graphic image is illustrated by a flower, representing the naturality of the ingredients and the tradition of the industry. This flower is digitised, symbolising the disruptive process that Scentmate proposes for the fragrance creation process. From this union emerges a winning fragrance for a perfume, image par excellence of the industry.

The video describes what Scentmate is and explains how the process of co-creating a fragrance works with a fresh and innovative approach. Nature's best ingredients, consumer insights and expert advice are made available to clients so they can co-create the best fragrances for their brand in an intuitive and agile way. All thanks to the power of artificial intelligence technology that streamlines the creative process.

The logo is of an inclusive and approachable brand, consisting in the drop of aroma enclosed in the "s", the letters that make up the term"mate" and the presence of dsm-firmenich as the leader in innovation in beauty, health, and nutrition.

The slogan "The best of perfumery at your fingertips" reflects how, thanks to Scentmate, companies and entrepreneurs can quickly and flexibly access dsm-firmenich's quality ingredients, expertise and consumer knowledge.


Simple, Smart, Signature

The new slogan "Simple, Smart, Signature" sums up a business model that meets the demands of small and medium-sized companies - fast delivery, flexibility in the quantities ordered, and adaptation to the specific needs of each customer - in a smart and innovative way, obtaining signature fragrances.

BIP Group was the agency in charge of coordinating and supervising the creation of the new visual identity, in line with the strategic thinking of Scentmate by dsm-firmenich, with Michela Repellino as art director and Martina Fellaco as project leader. It is planned for the company's new visuals to be presented at the Scentmate by dsm-firmenich stand at the 2023 Cosmetorium trade fair edition, which will beheld in Barcelona on 18th and 19th of October.