May 10, 2023

Scentmate & twenty4tim: a SHINY collaboration with an exclusive fragrance creation!

On May 5th,during the exclusive GLOW Premium Event in Hamburg, twenty4tim presented his first perfume, “SHINY FACETS” created with Scentmate.

twenty4tim: a multi-talented artist

Tim Kampmann from Cologne (Germany), better known as twenty4tim, is a 22-year-old musician, entertainer, and one of the most prominent influencers in Europe, offering content to over six million followers. In order to create his first perfume, Tim and his commercial partner Parfumlovers Cologne have applied to Scentmate's creative team.Marie Hugentobler, Perfumer & Creative Director at Scentmate and part of the creative team that crafted “SHINY FACETS” has met Tim on his special visit to our Barcelona offices:

"Tim is all about sharing love, light, and joy with his community. His first fragrance is about celebrating life, Tim’s way.

Shiny Facets: an exclusive fragrance

Our creative team has tailored "SHINY FACETS" to the influencer’s personality, creating a colorful, enthusiastic, authentic composition, with a daring and sensual hue. “SHINY FACETS” shows a catchy duality between the fruity, delicious opening of sparkling lime, blackcurrant, and champagne bubbles, and the floral heart blooming with jasmine and rose petals, while its trail of vanilla, coconut, and woody notes convey an extraordinary sensuality. It is a versatile creation with many facets: glamorous, powerful, cheeky, and authentic, aimed at everyone who values uniqueness and positivity and loves celebrating life in all its aspects. Siomara López, Scent Activator at Scentmate by Firmenich and also part of the creative team, describes it as "Rose gold and glitter: this fragrance is all about joy! It speaks of coziness, of being with your loved ones”. SHINY FACETS is now available for purchase at the DM-drogerie markt.

The collaboration

One and a half years after Scentmate's launch, the success of SHINY FACETS showcases the appeal of a new business model streamlining the fragrance creation process, and adapting to the needs of both entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses.We make the perfumery experience digitally accessible 24/7, with unprecedented flexibility in terms of quantity and speed, without compromising the quality of fragrances.

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