March 24, 2023

Sebastien Lacouture is finalist at "Mouillette d'Argent" Award

Scentmate's Perfumer Sebastien Lacouture is finalist at "Mouillette d'Argent" Award with Bergamote Torrefiee

We are proud to announce that Scentmate perfumer Sebastien Lacouture is a finalist in the “Mouilletted’Argent” International Perfumery Competition, in the “Best Perfume” category.

The prestigious Mouillette d’Argent

Part of the Barcelona olfaction week named “Pairing of the Senses”(“Maridatge dels sentits”), is the International Perfumery Competition Mouillette d’Argent, an event born to showcase the talent of perfumers worldwide

The award has been constantly growing, and this year's edition has seen the participation of more than ninety of the best perfumers fromtwenty-five Countries, with compositions featuring bergamotas the main theme.

The Perfumer: Sebastien Lacouture

As Scentmate perfumer, Sebastien Lacouture has the task of creating outstanding fragrances according to the needs of our clients.

With “Bergamote Torrefiee” Sebastien wanted to show the potential of bergamot as a natural partner of sweet and spicy notes, conveying a surprisingly unisex feeling, totally different on peoples’ skin

The Perfume: "Bergamote Torrefiee"

Sebastien's “Bergamote Torrefiee” is built around a vibrating duality between the sparkling freshness of bergamot and the warm spirit of roasted coffee beans.


The initial overdose of shimmering bergamot meets an intense blend of cold spices like cardamom and ginger, while the central vetiver accord facilitates the transition towards an impressive gourmand accord of roasted coffee, tonka bean, and vanilla infusion. 

The result is a unique balance of fresh and warm sensations, dynamic and cozy at once, with great persistence and radiation.

The countdown has started here at Scentmate: the winner will be announcedon Saturday the 6th of May.

Stay tuned to discover more!