June 7, 2022

Our collaboration with Cosmetitrovo: where supply and demand come together

Read about our partnership with an innovative solution for companies working in the cosmetic product chain

In Europe, there are thousands of companies including suppliers of ingredients, packaging, services, certification, contract manufacturer, laboratories, formulation, regulatory, and marketing consultancy companies seeking to be found by their potential clients. On the other hand, entrepreneurs and independent brands struggle constantly in searching for the right supplier, often losing time and energy while browsing various sites, filling in contact forms, e-mails, telephone calls, and looking up paper catalogues.

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A solution to this problem? It’s called Cosmetitrovo: the search engine for cosmetic companies. Cosmetitrovo offers a large online database of suppliers of raw materials, third parties companies, packaging specialists, and consulting services to facilitate the life of those working in the cosmetic production chain.

Here is a list of benefits in case you’d like to register to the platform:

  • a quick sign up to access a single large digital catalog of companies and professionals in the cosmetic industry
  • the possibility of exploring the ingredients database of thousands of items with a single login
  • use a quick tool to contact suppliers and distributors of ingredients, packaging, services, consultancy
  • discover the list of contract manufacturers who can help you realize your project
  • manage sample requests, quotations, or information exchange directly from the platform
  • Save your favorite suppliers and view them in the top search results

Visit https://www.cosmetitrovo.it/en and register for free to get started!