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Transform your ideas into winning fragrances for your business

Scentmate® by dsm-firmenich is your digital-first fragrance house: dsm-firmenich's perfumery craftsmanship, consumer knowledge and market data are now at your fingertips powered by AI technology. We empower you to co-create, with agility and ease, the signature fragrance for your brand and win in the market.

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Enjoy 24/7 access to inspiration, trends and personal support

Choose the market, the category, the ingredients, the colours and the emotions. In a few clicks, the artistry of perfumers and the power of AI come together to deliver your signature fragrance. Transforming your ideas has never been that easy!

We create signature fragrances

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Co-create fragrances for your products

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Become inspired by the latest market trends

  • Explore valuable content about trends, markets, and consumer insights
  • Discover unique fragrance ingredients and technologies
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at fragrance creation

Benefit from a user-friendly, simple briefing process

  • Follow the simple online intuitive briefing flow to express your needs
  • Define your fragrances by product category, olfactive directions, emotions or colours
  • Receive guidance on setting your regulatory parameters
  • Select the samples you want to smell and receive them within 3 business days

Easily place your order online and follow-up

  • Place your order online and receive it within 7 business days
  • Access all your briefs and sample orders anytime you wish
  • Share access to your online briefings with your colleagues
  • Easily download your claims and compliance documentation
"It’s always a joy to work with Scentmate and their really talented perfume artists. They always impress us with their flexibility, creativity and expertise. Through out the years, we worked together on various projects in which they have always shown great passion and dedication to create amazing products for our community."

Anne-Sophie Clemens

Product Manager at FAYNT.
"The characters in Stranger Things are all unique, and complex. Eleven is super natural, Lucas full of energy but so sweet, or Will, who is a cocktail inspired by his disappearance... Creating an olfactory universe for each of them was a challenge fulfilled to perfection by Scentmate by Firmenich."

Louis Marty

Co-founder & CEO ofMerci Handy.
"We have been consistently impressed by Scentmate’s passion and know-how. With expertise and agility, Scentmate is able to adapt to customer needs but still keep their creative freedom. We are more than looking forward to working on further projects."

Laura Waltke

Product Manager at AVA& MAY
“We are very glad with the new partnership with Scentmate: a fast, hearty, proactive and open development for our international markets.”

Daniele Caroli

R&D Manager at Framesi
"Working with Scentmate was easy. Communications were smooth and they always tried to understand our needs. Probiotic products have properties and particularities that cannot be treated in the same way as chemical products. They adapted to these needs.”

Adriana Blancafort

head of R&D&I at EMLIFE.
“Scentmate gives us the chance to create fragrances in an innovative and intuitive way. Evolving the perfect scents for new products and concepts has never been more efficient. The fact that sustainability for Scentmate is equally important as it is for us, makes this partnership even more promising.”

Marie Brandenburg & Sebastian Wenning

CEOs & Founders of VANDLEZ
“The time from the fragrance selection on the platform until the delivery of samples is extremely fast. This fits perfectly our purpose to offer fast service and outstanding quality to our customers” “The fragrance proposals on the platform are well fitting our requirements and the immediate and detailed information to every fragrance oil takes several demands else where.”

Christoph van Bömmel

Creative Director, Engels Kerzen GmbH
“Scentmate has created amazing perfumes that our customers love. We've never seen clients coming back so many times within a month to try another product. They are the experts we trust. We hope we can explore many more journeys together and build a strong partnership.”

Kaylee Zèvy

La Promenade Parfums creates home fragrances from high qualitative raw materials for a sustainable impact. Our collaboration with Scentmate is obvious in order to access best-in-class ingredients and unique expertise for our limited edition PAR UNE NUIT D’HIVER. This scent is a white floral bouquet with clean notes for a cocooning feeling.

Adrien & Pauline Lacape

Co-founders of La Promenade
"The Scentmate team was very responsive and attentive to our needs in developing our new candle collection. We received several sample proposals for each reference which allowed us to find what we were looking for very quickly!"

Julie Spiner

Product Manager

Create fragrances for your products

Are you a Brand or a Manufacturer?

Whether you manufacture products for your own brand or are contracted by third parties, Scentmate® by dsm-firmenich, helps you to co-create the highest-quality fragrance in an easy, streamlined way and lets you create your fragrance brief within minutes. We guide your product development right from the start and offer winning fragrances for successful launches.

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Meet Marie Hugentobler

Perfumer & Creative Director

“What I find thrilling is how Scentmate® by dsm-firmenich is revolutionising traditional thinking about fragrance design. We reinvent the way in which we interact with the customer. We make our clients part of the creative process and we guide and empower them to realise their vision—at their own pace, on their own terms, in their own words. It’s unprecedented and exciting.”

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The fragrance industry cooperates with regulatory bodies worldwide in order to ensure that every product and ingredient is safe for the consumer and the environment.

Scentmate by dsm-firmenich™ is ensuring that all our fragrances compounds or ingredients supplied are in compliance with applicable laws and are safe for their intended uses. Scentmate® by dsm-firmenich is applying IFRA code of practice and its safety standards for consumer exposure on all fragrances ingredients.

A reasoned evaluation of the safety of the fragrance compound for its intended use is managed in including the product type (as defined in the IFRA1-RIFM2 QRA3 Informational Booklet), use pattern and use concentration . A certificate of compliance with current IFRA Standards is an integral part of the safety information to be supplied by Scentmate by dsm-firmenich™.

In addition with current IFRA Standards when fragrance is used in a cosmetics products placed on the European market a reasoned evaluation of the safety of the fragrance will be specifically manage in following the EU Cosmetic regulation ( 1223/2009 and its amendments)

In this process, our clients or manufactures of the end user products shall communicate to the fragrance supplier adequate information on product category and use pattern for which the fragrance compound is intended to be use, the end user market will have to be specifically communicated.

1 International Fragrance Association (
2 Research Institutes for Fragrance Materials (
3 Quantitative risk assessment