Functional Benefits

Provide functional benefits to enhance the consumer’s well-being

Scent Creation Capabilities

Use Scentmate by dsm-firmenich’s own technologies to:

Deliver innovations that enhance fragrance performance.

Develop fragrances with additional benefits.

Heighten consumers’ positive experiences.

Create product mixes that delight and satisfy consumers.


Designed and proven to elicit desired emotions

Elicit specific positive emotions with Scentmate’s 100% natural Emotions technology. Based on 25 years of cutting-edge neuroscientific research with fMRI*. This fragrance technology enables creating fragrances which deliver scientifically validated and relevant emotional benefits to the consumer.

*fMRI: functional magnetic resonance imaging research.

Your benefits

Claim consumer’s most desired emotions such as feeling energetic, happy and relaxed.

Launch products with a holistic approach offering a sensorial fragrance with proven benefits.

Suitable for all your product applications.


Boosting the attention of consumers to reach a state of flow

Enhance mental performance with this Scentmate technology. Validated through cognitive science and through a specifically designed behavioral testing, elicit positive behavioral changes in consumers to help them thrive.

Your benefits

The first ever fragrance creation model that offers the benefit of improved focus.

Proven to stimulate focus, concentration & mental performance.

Validated through testing and cognitive science.

Malodor Control

Controlling malodor through molecular engineering

Remove malodors and protect fabrics with our Scentmate technology based on nose receptor biology. Consumer research studies confirm that odor removal and protection are key product expectations. Brands that can deliver malodor control and protection boost consumer reassurance and satisfaction.

Your benefits

Fight unwanted odors to deliver superior freshness.

Enhance product performance as well as sensorial delight.

Suitable for all your product applications.