Fragrance Categories

Transform Your Ideas into Winning Fragrances for Your Business

Product Segments

Create unique scents across a range of categories

Air Care

Create a pleasant and inviting indoor space, and delight your senses with fragrances designed for candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and more.

Skin Care

Turn your daily skin care routine into a sensorial highlight. Support the active benefits of your moisturizers and cream formulations, through the right fragrance.

Body Wash

Transform your skin cleansing moments into immersive and fragranced rituals. Trust us to scent shower gels, bath soaks, soap bars and hand sanitizers.

Home Care

Keep surfaces fresh and clean and care for your clothes with fragrances that make functional products a pleasure to use. Scent detergents, all-purpose cleaners, dish-washing liquids, and other cleaning products that you need.

Hair Care

Leave your hair feeling nourished and cared for. From shampoos to conditioners, let our experts assist you in designing the right fragrance for each product benefit.

Fine Fragrances

Captivate the senses with beautifully composed fragrances, blended from precious ingredients, that evoke memories and places.