All You Need to Know about Smart Perfumery

What is Scentmate by dsm-firmenich?

Scentmate is part of dsm-firmenich: We are a trusted fragrance partner, assisting clients in successfully developing fragrances for their products. We combine the top perfumery expertise and quality from dsm-firmenich, global leader and innovator in perfumery and beauty for decades, and the agility of a data-driven company which offers a new way of creating fragrances: Welcome to Smart Perfumery.
Simple, Smart, Success.

Is there a human team behind Scentmate by dsm-firmenich?

Yes! Your fragrance journey is supported by a full team of perfumers, fragrance experts, business developers, and marketing specialists. You will have your own dedicated point of contact in case you don’t find what you’re looking for.

What kind of customers does Scentmate by dsm-firmenich serve?

We are here to help you: whether you are an entrepreneur, an independent brand or a well-established company, we want to empower you to transform your ideas into winning fragrances for your brands.

In what countries does Scentmate by dsm-firmenich operate?

We serve companies that are registered in any European country.

Where is Scentmate by dsm-firmenich based?

We are based in Barcelona, one of Europe’s main digital & perfumery hubs.

Which product categories does Scentmate by dsm-firmenich cover?

Scentmate offers fragrances across the following product categories: Air Care, Fine Fragrances, Body Wash, Skin Care, Hair Care and Home Care. If your desired product category or application is not displayed, please contact us and we will assist you.

Can fragrances be used for multiple bases / product categories?

Yes, on the fragrance detail page where you will see which other applications a fragrance is compliant with.

Can I share my briefs with my colleagues?

Yes, you can access and share all created briefs within your Scentmate account. Please contact your dedicated sales person to request access for your colleagues.

When it comes to sample requests, what bases are available?

After submitting your brief and receiving our proposals, you will be able to request your samples. You will be able to choose between applied samples in a standard base or oil samples that you will apply to your own base. For applied samples, you can choose from a set of standard bases relevant to your product category and application. If you have a specific base that is not comparable to our standard bases, please get in touch using the contact form.

Is there a maximum number of samples I can order?

You can request up to 15 samples per cart. All samples are provided free of charge.

How many samples of the same fragrance can I request?

We provide one applied sample or fragrance oil sample free of charge. For additional samples, please get in touch with us.

How long does it take to get samples delivered?

Once you have digitally ordered samples through the Scentmate hub, we aim to ship them within 3 business days. We do not charge for the delivery of the samples.

Can I deliver samples to multiple addresses?

Once you have submitted your brief, you will be able to select only one address to receive your samples.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

You will be able to place orders from 10kg and upwards. Contact us if you have different needs. We are happy to assist you.

Which countries can my order be delivered to?

We can deliver your order to anywhere in Europe. Please note that VAT may vary by country - this is reflected in the prices displayed during the check-out process. Should you wish to deliver outside of the region, please contact us to discuss logistics and shipping fees.

Is the VAT included in the prices?

We indicate clearly the base price, VAT and total price so that you know exactly what you are charged for. We operate with a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) in Europe.

Can I order the same fragrance multiple times?

Yes, you can order the same fragrance as often as you need. To do this, go to “My fragrances” or your brief, and add the fragrance to your cart again, and complete the order.

Who can place the orders?

You can invite users from any department to access Scentmate at no extra cost. This will allow your colleagues to have access to all existing briefs and orders. Please contact your dedicated sales person to request invitations for your colleagues.