Enrich Your Fragrances with Unique Ingredients

Fragrance Ingredients

Rely on a broad range of high-quality ingredients
to offer exceptional olfactive experiences

A Range of High-quality Scents

Expand your artistry with our exclusive ingredients

Iconic proprietary ingredients that are unique and carefully balanced compositions or associations of ingredients, ideal for creating inspiring fragrances. Ignite your creativity, stay innovative and stand out from the rest, by launching scents which cannot be replicated.

Some of our proprietary ingredients:

An elegant woody and cedar note interesting for leathery scents.

Ozonic and extremely powerful, this ingredient can be used to give a fresh, trendy twist to any fragrance.

Delicate muguet-powdery note with hints of mimosa and heliotrope.

Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Promote and protect the world’s biodiversity

Promoting biodiversity helps secure raw materials derived from natural resources. Monitoring the supply chain to ensure biodiversity and collaborating with suppliers to conserve ecosystems is essential for generating innovative ingredients.

Some of our sustainability projects:

Over 10,000 fast-growing trees planted since 2022 to provide firewood for distillation units, increase soil fertility and attract pollinators.

Providing training to farmers on reducing the use of pesticides.

Working with distillers to follow best-in-class distillation practices.

Upcycled Ingredients

Be part of the circular economy

Upcycled ingredients are obtained by reusing by-products, discarded materials, waste from other industries and unused products. Work with green and clean components to make a positive impact on the environment.

Some of our upcycled ingredients:

Jasmin Sambac
Giving unsold flower buds from India a second purpose by producing exquisite flower extracts.

Turning discarded cardamom pods that don’t reach appearance standards for the spice industry into a beautiful scent ingredient.

Orange Terp Citronova®
Byproducts of the fresh juice industry, extracted from the zest of the fruits being processed using a cold pressed technique to obtain a precious orange scent.

White Biotech Ingredients

Rely on pure and clean ingredients based on fermented sugarcanes

Biotechnology uses living cells to synthesize products which can be easily degraded. This fermentation process tends to consume less resources and often uses renewable carbon sources. Join green chemistry. Work with a new generation of highly performing, sustainable ingredients.

Some of our biotech ingredients

Offers a creamy warmth of amber and a dark woody character reminiscent of patchouli.

Being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, this elegant natural sandalwood note has creamy and milky facets, reminiscent of the historical Indian treasure.

The white biotechnology evolution of the original AMBROX® discovered in-house in 1930 from ambergris, in an effort to uncover its natural essence.