May 16, 2023

6 trends that will impact Perfume launches by 2024: don't miss them!

These past three years have deepened people's sensitivity to social and environmental issues, leading to dramatic changes in consumers' beauty routines and buying habits. When shopping for Perfumes and personal care products, consumers now tend to focus on:

  • Transparency

Consumers ask Perfumery brands for more transparency and a real commitment to sustainable, ethical production. Cosmetics with recycled, plastic-free, and cardboard packaging are preferred, along with refillable bottles and ethically sourced ingredients.

  • Functional Benefits

Consumers want their daily care items to go beyond the aesthetic aspect and feature mood-enhancing qualities. Essential oils and natural ingredients with relaxing, lifting, or energizing properties are infused into an endless range of beauty products including Perfumes.

  • Sophisticated ranges

Many brands are applying their iconic fragrances in body and hair care products, supporting customers' requests to maximize the impact of the perfume on their daily rituals. Fashionable new ways to wear scent include body and hair mist, dry oil, and bath foams.

  • Genderless products

Beauty and cosmetic products are no longer designed to suit masculine or feminine definitions, amplifying the possibilities of authentic self-expression. Fragrances are created to embody a concept rather than a gender, opening new creative streams.

  • Self-Expression

Driven by Gen Zers perfume is gaining new emphasis as a medium to express every nuance of people's individuality. As traditional "signature scents" decline, consumers are willing to try new fragrances and create customized layering combinations.

Overall, many brands are launching intense, powerful versions of their best sellers. The desire for uniqueness calls for novel notes and surprising, untraditional pairings.

Here are the 6 main perfume trends that will shape fragrances in 2024:

1 - Clean Zest

Perfumes with clean, comforting citrus notes combined with aquatic and aromatic facets. Giorgio Armani's "A Milano" in "Les Editions Couture" radiates fresh, bright notes of citrus and musk.

2 - Spring Bloom

Luminous bouquets range from clean, delicate florals to youthful fruity notes. Less feminine and more balanced. Suggestion: Versace's "Dylan Purple" blends fruits and florals, with notes of pear, freesia, and musk.

3 - Sun Kissed Flower

White floral, solar accords with easy vanilla-caramel accords, to appeal to a younger public. Suggestion: "Daisy Love Paradise" by Marc Jacobs features notes of orris, patchouli, and sweet Chantilly cream.

4 - Yummy Fruits

Fruity concoctions featuring marmalade, praline, and sugared textures. Not overly sweet. Suggestion: Ariana Grande's "Mod Blush" blends raspberry, passion fruit, and magnolia.

5 - Ambery Woods

Personality-packed scents featuring amber, iris, and faceted woody notes. Suggestion: Diptyque Opsis radiates intense notes of bergamot, orris, and incense.

6 - Wild Resins

Smoky woods combined with rich resins, leather, and dark gourmand notes. Suggestion: Tom Ford's "Cherry Smoke" features a surprising accord of black cherry, saffron, and Cypriol.

Let yourself be inspired by these new trends to co-create with us successful concepts for your brand. Don't miss this huge opportunity to win the Fine Fragrance market and contact us for more information.

We can’t wait to support you in designing the most evocative scent for your next Perfume project 2024.

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