October 19, 2022

Claim positive Emotions on your products with Emotiwaves™

Help your consumers feel good and confident by claiming benefits that are neuroscientifically proven

In addition to capturing our attention, delighting us, end even resurfacing our most distant memories, scents can trigger specific emotions, with a direct impact on our mood.

Linking scents and emotions

The reason behind the powerful link between scent and emotions is that the olfactory system is deeply rooted in an area of our brain -the limbic system- where memories and emotions reside. It is due to the connection with the limbic system that scents possess such a strong emotional power.

"It is estimated that emotions are the basis of 80% of consumers' daily decisions."

Can emotions delight consumers?

These last two years have brought so much uncertainty into our lives. Covid and lockdowns, not to mention the disorientation generated by the war, have put consumers in a state of anxiety and constant worrying about the future.

To respond to these negative emotions, people are developing a more intimate dimension of existence focused on health care, stress relief, and well-being enhancement. New daily rituals are being developed, aiming at calming the mind and rebalancing emotions.

To respond to this need, many brands are now evolving to deliver wellness, and fragrance seems the ideal vehicle to impart the nuanced psycho-emotional benefits consumers are growing to expect.

Claim Emotions with Emotiwavestechnology

To support these brands, Scentmate by Firmenich has created Emotiwaves™, an innovative technology, based on natural ingredients, making it possible to design fragrances evoking specific emotions. With functional magnetic resonance methodology (fMRI), the human brain response to a series of fragrances has been assessed. From euphoria to relaxation, from self-confidence to serenity, emotional states induced by Emotiwaves™ fragrances have been tested and subsequently validated by our ScentMove model, obtaining scientific evidence of their mood-enhancing effectiveness.  

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We help you empower your products

Thanks to Emotiwaves™ technology, Scentmate by Firmenich is now able to offer fragrances whose ability to induce positive emotional states has been certified, and can therefore be claimed.

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Regardless of the category of product -candles, perfumes, room sprays, soaps, shower gels, etc.- you will be able not only to help your consumers feel good but also to confidently claim benefits that are real.

And now, all you have to do is to reach out to us: we will be happy to assist you in creating your mood-enhancing line!

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